The History of the Order

Knight of Rome

This short ceremony is a prerequisite to the Candidate's installation as a Knight of the Red Cross of Constantine and contains an interesting lecture drawing attention to the similarity of the manner of operation of certain Roman Colleges to that which we are familiar in Masonic Lodges.

Knight of Red Cross of Constantine

This degree relates the story of Constantine's conversion to Christianity. It tells of his divine vision, the institution of a special standard, his subsequent victory over the rival Emperor Maxentius and the creation of what is claimed to be the oldest institution of Christian Knighthood.

The substance of the degree develops around the doctrine associated with the Labarum, the banner of victory, while the lecture contains an important lesson for Christian Freemasons. All regular business of the Conclave is conducted in the Red Cross degree.

Knight of the Holy Sepulchre

Tradition asserts that this degree originated after the discovery of the true Cross by St. Helena and draws its imagery and content from the three days which intervened between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This Order of Chivalry is said to have been instituted by the mother of the Constantine and the ceremony includes a vigil over the Holy Sepulchre and a series of theological and allegorical orations.

Duties enjoined on Knights include the performance of the seven works of mercy.

Knight of St John the Evangelist

This is the second of the so-called Appendant Degrees which are always conferred in series.

It is founded upon a remarkable discovery made at the ruins of the Temple at Jerusalem and the subsequent foundation of the Knights of St John.

The interpretation of the legend is of a most interesting and instructive nature, and is striking in its explanation of the Craft and Royal Arch ceremonies from a purely Christian viewpoint.

This degree truly brings a fresh perspective to these ceremonies and its solid use of familiar Craft and Royal Arch symbolism makes its culmination very potent indeed.

Regalia of the Order


Arch Of Constantine

Arch Of Constantine


Festive Season Greetings

Worthy Knights, Wishing You and your family and loved ones a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year, and if you are travelling, stay safe; Merry Christmas.


Most Illustrious Kt. Michael Freeman-Robinson

Grand Sovereign

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